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Car Accident Injuries

There are hundreds of car accidents that happen in the United States each day, and distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence are the main causes of Car Accident Injuries. Many times, individuals who are in car wrecks sustain injuries, from minor ones to severe and debilitating ones. When injured in a car wreck, there are some very important dos and don’ts that individuals should consider. Individuals should know how to handle their auto accident injuries at the accident. If the injuries are serious, men and women should stay put and wait for emergency medical responders. Even if the injuries seem minor, individuals should stay put and wait for emergency medical response teams to arrive. Individuals should never tell the other party in the wreck that they’re alright, and they should never refuse medical treatment. In some cases, individuals can feel fine at the scene of the accident, but their injuries (often serious) can become apparent later once adrenaline wears off.

At the Hospital

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If an individual is taken to the hospital for a car accident injury, it’s important to allow the hospital staff to check them out thoroughly. Individuals should never refuse x-rays, MRIs or any other type of medical work. There could be hidden injuries that can only be seen with certain types of medical testing. This is especially true if you were rear ended. When your car is hit from behind you can have lumbar disc injury, ruptured disc or some other back injury and you might not realize it for hours or days later. Individuals should wait until the doctor clears them to leave before leaving, and should ask for a copy of the medical report before leaving the hospital. This medical report will be used for many different things, including your Car Accident Insurance Claim so it’s important to get several copies.

Calling the Insurance Company

Those with car accident injuries should report them to the insurance companies as soon as possible. It’s important that the insurance companies get a copy of the medical report along with the insurance claim form. The police report should be filed with those papers as well. On a side note, individuals should never accept any settlement offer from the insurance company without first speaking to a qualified personal injury attorney or an attorney who specializes in car accidents and car accident injuries.

Delayed Onset of Car Accident Injuries

Because many auto accident injuries can show up late, individuals should go back to their doctor or back to the hospital if they feel worse than they did at the accident. Some muscular and skeletal injuries won’t show up until hours or even days after the accident took place. If the doctor finds a different injury or one that wasn’t noted previously, another medical report should be obtained and that one should also be sent to the insurance companies. This is important in order to obtain the proper settlement amount for medical and other costs.
Choosing a Car Accident Attorney

Attorneys for Car Accident Injuries

Individuals who have been injured in a car accident should consider hiring a car accident attorney to advise them on their next steps. Whether it’s a serious or debilitating injury or not, individuals may have the right to sue for compensation, especially if the other party was in the wrong. Speaking to an attorney can give individuals some knowledge about the situation and should give them an idea of what should be done.
Car accident injuries can range from very mild to fatal, and it’s important that individuals know how to behave if they should ever be injured in a car accident.